Coaching expats and foreigners
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Coaching expats and foreigners

Bezielen (or ‘Inspire’) offers personal coaching, both to individuals and groups. Exclusively for foreigners such as expats we present the option of coaching in English. Your personal problems or business-related questions will receive our complete attention.

Why coaching?

Aim of coaching is to increase the personal effectiveness of the person being coached (coachee). As for groups, coaching is designed to find and define collective patterns in thinking and behavior of members within the group. In doing so, alternative actions can be proposed and implemented.

Success depends on regularity and cooperation: regular contact between coach and coachee will provide feedback as well as time to put suggested actions into practice. Cooperation will give a taste and feel of these actions: what works for you? This dynamic will eventually lead to personal growth and a more effective coping technique.

We offer coaching for:

  • Entrepreneurs/managers
  • Emotional/relational issues
  • Spiritual matters
  • Addiction
  • Counselling

Consult and intake

How are you this very moment?‘ First contact will provide an in-depth answer to this elemental question. Problems, complaints and important aspects in your life will be discussed. Together we will look for links and patterns that put a strain on your wellbeing and could eventually even cause sickness to occur. We explore hints and possibilities that will enable an improvement in your situation.


Mario van den Bree
Mario van den Bree

Coach is Mario van den Bree (profile). Van den Bree has an impressive service record in the field of personal development training and interpersonal dynamics. In his coaching trajectories, he also applies vast knowledge of yoga, mindfulness meditation (amongst others) in a straightforward, tongue-in-cheek way.


  • Intake: 2.5 hrs – €90,-
  • Follow-up: €45,- /hr.
  • Business consult: €75,- / hr.

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