Plek van persoonlijke groei en inspiratie

Ice.Club helps you realise your full potential. Vital to this transformation are three pillars: breath, focus and response. With one key trigger: exposure to cold.


All of our events provide you with a journey through one or more of the following three levels of consciousness.

  • Level 1: understanding. To make any change possible, you need to understand your current position.
  • Level 2: expanding. From there you can expand your options and abilities.
  • Level 3: completing. Finally enabling change towards a complete and open awareness.

We will take a short dip into each level, or we dive deep into each one for the full-on experience. Exposure to cold is a key element in all of our activities. Now, how do the three pillars help you explore these three levels?

Level 1 – understanding

Consciously using breath, focus and response is a game-changer. It provides you with a more vivid view on your role and position as a human being and how body and mind interact. It brings a new understanding of your responsibilities: to yourself and to the outside world. How does it work?

Breath -> Awareness

In the first level observing your breath brings about a completely new awareness: you are more than mere mind, more than a spectator of life: you are life! And your breath is crucial to affecting the quality of your existence. Conscious breathing brings you a sneak preview of this vast perspective on reality.

Focus -> Mindful focus

Using focus as a means to connect to yourself opens up a vast layer of consciousness. You start to see, hear, feel a wide variety of sensations, thoughts and impulses. Within yourself, and outside of you. It can feel like coming home. Because now you remember: this is me.

Response -> Ability

Being mindful and aware of yourself enables you to know mind from body. It also helps you get an idea of your abilities. Above all, it provides you with the ability to respond. To be responsible. Questions rise: what is my position? How do I relate to the outside world? How can I influence all this? Your perspective changes profoundly.

Level 2 – expanding

In level 1 you calibrate yourself towards a truthful outview on your position and abilities; level 2 is all about using that awareness to take control and realise change in your life.

Breath -> Control

Once you can observe your breath you will get the option of controlling it. We will provide you with some powerful breathing exercises, that will enhance your ability to influence body and mind. These techniques, though ancient, work very well in maintaining a strong basis and being ready to overcome the challenges we face each day.

Focus -> Center

A more stable situation can be developed by applying a centered focus. A mindful approach, yet with a solid connection to one’s personal core. Distraction, diversion or instability: these become obsolete.

Response -> Change

Knowing what your abilities are enables you to choose the way you respond to challenges. Then, change is within reach. Consciously deciding to go into different directions, switch habits and behaviour and learn new ways will enrich your life a thousandfold. Let’s do it!

Level 3 – completing

level 3 is the real deal. It’s about putting yourself in the spotlight, opening up your senses to a complete awareness and maximising your potential from thereon.

Breath -> Power

The more you exercise, the more you will be able to put our powerful breathing techniques into practice. Under any circumstances. What used to cause you stress, ceases to be a trigger; what used to agitate you, will at most make you smile now. Breath is your go-to-tool for everyday’s tests.

Focus -> Open

If you regularly use breath, focus, and response, you will profit – no matter what. You will achieve an open focus. What does this mean? It means you can direct your full attention to whatever is inside or outside of you and not be affected. Regardless of what is there.

Response -> Total

No doubts, no fears, no hustle: you will be there for one hundred percent. Regular practice of breath, focus and response will help you cultivate an attitude of total presence: completely being there for whom- or whatever knocks on your door and having the skills to respond in a productive and loving manner.