Plek van persoonlijke groei en inspiratie

Ice.Club invites you to our special Ice.Club Weekend You are limitless. In the beautiful surroundings of the Swiss Alps you take a dive into yourself. Uncover and expand your abilities by learning to apply a powerful set of techniques. Through focus, breath and response you open a direct door to self-awareness.

About the Ice.Club Weekend

On this Ice.Club Weekend we introduce you to powerful techniques and exercises. The aim is to become fully aware of your breathing pattern and being able to control it. Moreover, you practice a strong focus and become aware of the responses of body and mind. Which can result in a sense of totality, connection and inner freedom.

How about a day like this: waking up at sunrise, starting with breathing exercises, go for a conscious walk in the beautiful alpine environment and take a dip into the ice cold river.

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn to control your breath
  • Learn a strong and centered focus
  • Learn the ability to respond in life
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Influence the nervous system
  • Detoxify your body

Details Ice.Club Weekend

  • Language: English
  • Costs: €299,-
  • How to prepare: take a daily cold shower for 60 seconds. Breathe slowly. Sign up for our free Cool Challenge at Ice.Club website to receive e-mail support.
  • Sign up for this event: submit the form below


  • 2 experienced teachers
  • All workshops and activities
  • Good security provided during hikes.
  • All meals, coffee during meals, herbal tea all day long
  • Transport on location


Stay is not included in the price of this weekend. Book and pay your accommodation at Schweibenalp directly (Costs: around €89,- per night, including all meals, coffee during meals and herbal tea all day long). All meals are organic. Vegan, gluten free, lactose free and other diets possible.


Linda Koeman is a yoga teacher and certified trainer in the Wim Hof-method, applying breath and focus to endure cold and extreme Linda Koeman, docent in de Wim Hof-methode bij Bezielenconditions. In 2014 Linda climbed mount Kilimanjaro in a record-breaking speed, while using this method. In 2015 she proceeded with the charity event Ice4Life in Iceland. In the same year Linda co-founded the Cool Challenge, a large inquiry into the effects of hot-to-cold showering. The results were groundbreaking: almost 30 percent less sickness absence from work and an overall rise in perceived energy levels. Early 2016 Linda founded the Ice.Club, aiming to promote cold showering to a global audience. Ice.Club organises live events to let people experience the advantages of conscious breathing, applying focus, and observing mental and bodily response.

How we work

Ice.Club wants to assist you in realising your full potential. But to make any change possible, you first need to understand your current position. From there you can expand your options and abilities. Thus, finally enabling change towards a complete and open awareness. Vital to this transformation are the pillars breath, focus and response. With one key trigger: exposure to cold.

All of our events provide you with a journey through layers of consciousness. We will take a dip into one for a quick vis-a-vis and switch for the next, or we dive deep into each layer for the full-on experience. This is waking up to yourself.

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