massage mini Retreat Mallorca
Plek van persoonlijke groei en inspiratie

During this 5 days massage & reiki retreat in Mallorca we focus on the quality of your lifestyle; no rush, staying in a beautiful green natural environment and get more massages in your life. A complete body & soul zen training to find peace of mind and to listen to your body and emotions. With this we create space for a cheerful and light energy, a happier and more beautiful you. We open your senses, feel and enjoy more through therapeutic pampering with unique workshops with certified teachers massaging and being massaged.

  • Learning Massages Holiday in Pollensa, Mallorca Spain
  • What: Massage courses with Reiki Tummo Levels one and two and Open Heart meditation.
    Two-part Head-neck face massage course, The importance of Anatomy of our body and Tibetan sound therapy concert.
  • When: to be announced
  • Where: Town Villa Butxaca Pollensa, Mallorca
  • What is it not: a Yoga week
  • Participants: minimum 10 people
  • Costs: € 899
  • More: This Massage retreat is ideal for couples, yoga instructors and masseurs.


REIKI TUMMO & HEART MEDITATION with Gerard Laracy Level One & Level Two
ANATOMY & WUO TAI with Davide Stasi
CONTACT YOGA & HAND MASSAGES Body & Massage workout with Kim


Kim introduces various, totally new techniques, massages treatments and workshops with international therapists, beautiful Souls “Blossom Souls” coaches, colleagues and friends she met on her world travels and in her studies. Professional experts that dedicate their entire lives to the research of body, mind and emotion, health and relaxation therapies. Each participant has a choice of a 1 hour treatment ( booked in advance) of treatments and therapies that the guest professionals offer.
During this special Massage retreat, Kim will offer a daily wake up meditation. We join sunrises on the top of Calvari square. Contact Yoga – we learn to massage each other with a complete body & massage workout. Hand Yoga with hand massage techniques. Yoga for the insides: how delicious health can be with Soulfood – vegetarian dishes based on oriental energetics with mediterranean recipes from Kim Shiny that provide warming up winter meals a surprising menu for culinary highs.


Kim Shiny studied at the Okido Yoga Mikkyo University Academy Teacher training with Japanese master Yuji Yahiro. She has been a certified reflexology massage therapist since 1994, Meiso Shiatsu and Okido Yoga instructor with more than 25 years of experience. Kim worked for years as a Massage therapist and Yoga instructor for many luxury five-star Hotels and Spas, private business trips and for famous companies. Kim promotes a high-quality lifestyle that starts with a healthy lifestyle: eat, think healthy and exercise more in nature. She is the founder of Natural High & Blossom Souls and Massages with character: unique services like the ‘ Four-Hands’ the unique ‘Barefoot’ massage trainings.



Stylish Town Villa Butxaca, center Pollensa: Calle de La Horta

The overnight stays are in a very luxurious renovated private villa from 1800 century with a beautiful entrance, warm dining room, spacious kitchen and Yoga workshop space, it has 6 beautiful stylish rooms, of which three have private bathroom and three with shared shower and toilet on the first floor. It has a spacious terrace with mini swimming pool, a barbeque and outside dining area. It is 2 minutes away from the center of Pollensa, where the impressive Cathedral and cozy terraces, bars and restaurants of Plaza Major are located.

Surroundings Puerto Pollensa

We are in the beautiful mountainous Pollensa on the Balearic island of North Mallorca in Spain. Pollensa harbour is a mountainous area 6 km away and is full of small rocky wild bays. Nearby are many long sandy beaches. The Calvari steps is a must see with 365 steps leading to a hill with incredible views of mountains, fresh energy and plenty of sea panorama a fantastic view of Pollensa and Puig Maria, also called the energetic third eye of the North of Mallorca.



Arrival day check-in.
5.00 pm – 8.00 pm HEAD NECK FACE MASSAGE COURSE Part 1 basics with Kim

3-hour workshop of neck, head and face massage, we start with loosening exercises for the body, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Breath and “Hara” exercises enable us to work with correct posture and attitude when giving massage.

A variety of massage techniques to learn how to massage but especially to be allowed understand and the importance of your body as it comes to rest and be recharged with cheerfulness through the magic of touch and unity.
9 pm welcome dinner


10 am – 6 pm REIKI TUMMO Level One with Gerard Laracy
Manuals, certificates and recordings for home exercises.
Reiki Tummo Level 1 content:  Attunements will be given so that the central energy channel (Shushumna) will be fully opened from Crown to base chakras, the Heart and Palm chakras will be opened and cleansed so you will instantly be able to channel energy for healing. Self healing, Group Healing, basic distance healing and  Grounding Technique.
7.30 pm Dinner noodle soups & tapas
9 pm -10.30 pm “Contact” Meditative Meiso Shiatsu Massages with Kim

Sunday  FREE DAY
10 am – 6 pm  Breakfast, morning with free visit Sunday market and visit to the Catedral, discover yourself
Time for welcome massages (reserve in time with favorite therapist/ masseur)
6.30 pm- 8.00 pm Hand Yoga and hand massages techniques with Kim
9.00 pm  Dinner with Bowl Sound therapy with Stefano KG
Sound Massage Tibetan Bowls Sound Therapy & group harmonization sessions. The harmonic sound of Tibetan bowls and specific vocal techniques generates a frequency wave that acts on the original vibration and causes a molecular reorganization that promotes rest and physical, psychological and emotional balance.


10 am – 1.00 pm
CONFERENCE “The importance of ANATOMY of our body with Davide Stasi
About “Anatomy Throughout the Touch”, it pretends to be a different way to understand anatomy (what we are) using hands more than mind. During my clases, after a smart theoric introduction, participants are invited to practice massage and self massage, to feel and completely understand this matter. It will be integrated by the whole body consciousness.

Therms we treat in a basic workshop are:
– Breathing
– Anatomic chains
– Internal organs
–  Fascia

After Lunch time for welcome Massages
5 pm – 8 pm HEAD NECK FACE part 2 with Kim


10 pm – 5 pm REIKI TUMMO Level Two & Open Heart Meditation with Gerard Laracy
In Level two the Kundalini will be safely and instantly awakened, the Heart connection deepened for rapid spiritual growth. The Ajna (3rd eye chakra) opened. Energy channelling abilities  increased  greatly, distance healing, healing without symbols, Kundalini meditation, Open Heart Meditation  Certificates will be issued and recordings for home practice also given.
6 pm Departure Packing with Tapas & Aperitivo or fingerfood – Dinner picnic to go

General remarks

  • Professional experience is not necessary, but a passion for massage is encouraged
  • Male and Female participants
  • Accommodation is in a shared room for two. Three people max.
  • Minimum of ten participants.
  • Take comfortable shoes, warm jacket, slippers, comfortable clothing, extra t-shirts. Your own water bottle and a thermo bottle .

Costs and registration

• Cost of the massage & reiki retreat € 899 pp including Reiki certificate (value 280€)
• Includes 4 nights and all-day courses
• Including breakfast, brunch, welcome dinner and tea, coffee and water, aperitives with tapas
• 1 hour massage treatment (reserve in advance according to which technique & masseur)
• Minimum 10 maximum 12 participants
• Registration at the bottom of this page
• Prices do not include flights or airport transfer
Note: classes will be held in English
• Your participation is only final after payment is received.

Massage & Reiki retreat Mallorca

  • Prijs: 899,00 €
    Ik ben op de hoogte van de algemene voorwaarden die van toepassing zijn op deze reis. En ik sluit zelf een annuleringsverzekering af.

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