Okido Yoga High Retreat Mallorca
Plek van persoonlijke groei en inspiratie

Okido Yoga is een philosophy van het leven. Ervaar het culturele en internationale in een zeer magnetische energieke klooster op de berg Puig Maria in Pollensa op het eiland Mallorca in Spanje. Ervaar, leer, loop en ren workshop en open je hart workshop. Contact yoga workshop door middel van massages. Yoga vanuit binnen. We bieden culinaire educatie, het maken van pasta workshops, gezond koken. Een complete zen training om je vaardigheden en karakter te ontwikkelen.

  • Japanese Natural Health Yoga Retreat in een klooster in Pollensa, Mallorca
  • Wat: Okido Yoga week retraite met Japanse yoga, Contact Leren met massage, stilte meditatie
  • Wanneer: 30 september tot 7 oktober
  • Waar: Klooster Puig Maria in Pollensa, Mallorca
  • Ervaring: wij organiseren jaarlijkse retreats meerdere keren per jaar.
  • Wat is het niet: hike week, its not boring or for lazy peolple , ….Its intense intersting trainng, very educative. Its recomandable for familys.
  • Participation : 6 – max. 20 persons
  • Charges : Full week program € 699,-   or 5 Days workshops weekend € 599,-
  • Reservation: here under this page
  • More : This Yoga retreat is great for couples, Pts , coaches and Yoga teachers .             You will re- enforce your vital force and corrage and connect with your deep innerself. Recommandabele for the preparation to  Spirituele reis naar India30 dagen gezondheidsreis India .

This week long Okido Yoga retreat offers “Contact Yoga” and silent meditation. An intense zen training week with a variety of interesting workshops given by international instructors; –

‘Running coaching and Yoga flow with Rebecca Lewis from New York and ‘Reiki Tummo Level one (with Gerard Laracy from New Zealand Culinary highlights : ‘Learn to make homemade pasta in a workshop by Cristina, my favorite Italian Chef. She will prepare our amazing protein diners. All meals are included and prepared according to our SoulFood philosophy. Light breakfast and vegeterian brunches lunches or picnics to go made by Kim

Kim has many years experience as a healthy life promoter organising Yoga holidays withamazing outdoor activities such as Hikes, Olive picking, Kungfu , Dance, cultural and musical events. She organises inspirational holidays based on the therapeutic properties of Nature. This Yoga week will be a international encounter. People, students , and many friends from waround Europe will unite on the top of the energetic Mountain of the Puig de Maria. We will wake up early to feel the vibe of the magnetic energy. Kim will offer daily Okido Yoga sessions after the miraculous sunrise. And introduce Contact Yoga – we learn to massage each other in a body & massage work-out. Special training for couples. Families are also welcome .

Masahiro Oki was the founder of Okido Yoga (1921-1985) and Yuji Yahiro now continues his legacy promoting human development through the holistic training of the body, mind and attitude. Okido is a Japanese form of yoga which incorporates the strong side (yang) and relaxed (yin). Okido Training increases your life force, encourages personal knowledge, it is often practiced to improve will power and develop your innate talents. Practicing Okido yoga is a lot of fun too.

Organiser Kim Shiny ‘Lifestyle Coaching
Kim Shin Young van Adrichem Born in Seoul in 1969 , was adopted raised by Dutch parents in the Netherlands ,promotes a quality lifestyle which starts with a healthy lifestyle: eat, think and move healthy. She is a certified Meiso Shiatsu therapist and reflexology massage therapist since 1994, and Okido Yoga instructor with more than 25 years experience. She studied at Okido Yoga Mikkyo University Academy teacher training with Japense masters Yuji Yahiro, Mizue Tamaki, Tomoko Mori , Hatsuko ,students of Sensei Masahiro Oki . During mmany trip and working for famous branches and five star hotels, one of her highlights was she had the honor to massage Paul Mc Cartney and many others.
Kim offers the best of Asian in Western culture. She is an experienced life coach and offers training with variety allowing you to feel good and feel free.

Kim is the founder of Natural High & Blossom Souls, and offers Zen trainings and Quality Inspirational Healthy Holidays. Any kind collaboration requests are welcome. Because of many travels Kim speaks five languages.

Location: Monastery Puig Maria, Pollensa
The Puig de Maria, more formally known as ‘Santuari de la Mare de Déu del Puig’ is a small hill The Okido Yoga week willl be in the Monastery Puig Maria on a mountain with incredible views and fresh energy in Pollensa on the island North Mallorca its a part of the Balearic islands in Spain.

that overlooks the town of Pollensa in the North of Mallorca. In 1348 the chapel was constructed and a monastery was added to this 14 years later, where nuns from the local area stayed. The nuns lived and worshiped at the monastery until 1576. The Puig de Maria is a modest 330m high, the road leading up the Puig is 2.2km long. The route takes you up a road for most of it but the last part has no vehicle access and is a more rocky path.

Santuary Puig Maria is a quite big place with
an open square for practice with sunset views ,Terraces with a sunrise panorama. A restaurant , Bar,
an old Kitchen , Big Salon Dojo, Meeting salon, Museum and a Church. It sits on a very green forest on the top of the Hill, with wild Goats, cats and chickens inhabiting the area freely.

Surrounding Monastery and Puerto Pollensa
Located is in the North of Mallorca the Port of Pollensa has a precious Mountain surrounding and is full of little rocky wild bay, long sandy beaches and old little villages.
The Sunday market in the town of Pollensa is a must see and going up the 365 Calvari steps in the town gives a fantastic view of the ocean and the hill of Puig Maria directly opposite.

In the program you will have enough free time, for rest, solice, siestas and time to discover the beaches, ocean , mountains and the Pollensa city area. Note that it takes a minimum of 1.5 hours to leave the monastery and come back!

You can rent a bike and go for a ride, Mallorca is the number one biking holiday island of Europe. The Cap de formentor is a very popular spot to go but it is for trained bikers. There are also easier flat tracks thought the country side. Nice excursions by car, bus or bike to Cap de Formentor 15 min , Playa de Formentor, (30 min ) Light house Formentor ( 50 min )
Puerto Pollensa Beaches or Alcudia castle ,which is more commercial harbour.

You will have a mínimum of 5-6 hours per day of free time , including siesta & breaks. The program wil be designed on the needs of all participating , so its possible we may change Schedule times during this week, Okido is not a structured training, its about letting go attachments as an active practice. There will be no set routine. We will do many things differently but it can still be intense. With particular goals to train , its a challenge to reach our limits , to grow and reach your skills ,talents and use creativity. I will do anything to change bad habits into good habits. To create a positive mindset I offer Silent meditations and ways to open your heart ,by Gratitude practices which is the way to real Yoga.

This Yoga retreat program has no Hike trails, but you will have a splendid time discovering yourself. I will organise seperate Hike Holidays with big daily hikes for those who are dedicated to go into the magestic nature of Mallorca, Ibiza, and Rasquera, next year 2020.Stay tuned. See here www.naturalhigh.es

Okido Yoga retreat Program

Wednesday 2nd October: Rebecca Lewis
Efficient Runnning Coaching & Yoga Flow sesión

Thursday 3rd and friday 4th October:
Making Homemade pasta with Cristina our chef from Italy who prepares the dinnners

Saturday 5 october i present Gerard Laracy:
Reiki Tummo and Open Heart meditation Workshop ( Level one ) with certificate and manuals.


Arrival :include 8 overnights Arrival; Sunday 29th September 2019 with welcome Lunch and dinner . Please note: getting to Puig will take more time than you might think.
Monday – until sunday full program . Check –out on monday October 7th –

Arrival ;Wednesday 2 th Oct early departure Sunday evening 6 Oct 2019

Daily Breakfast between 7.00 – 8.00 h

We start with the Heart Sutra Buddish Mantra , followed by the OKI DO YOGA Session of 1 hour.

9.00 After the session is time for putting light into ambience: time to freshen up and take a shower.

10.00 -11.00 h Brunch / Lunch or picnic to go posible.

(Break from 11.00-18.00 on monday tuesday )

Sunday 6 th Oct : in Pollensa we will visit the fanous Sunday market ,free time and late lunch bbq with celebration in Blossom Souls Zen garden (5 days group has check-out )

5 ‘CONTACT’ WORKSHOPS BODY & MASSAGE WORK-OUT with Kim 90 min – 2hours we fit in the week program during the noon or late evening. With the
- Night Meditations and sharings.

EXTRAS: On reservation Welcome Blossom Massages with Ana posible ( 30 min , 1 hour ) – Photoshoot

Wednesday 2 oct Running Coaching & Yoga Flow 90 min with

Rebecca Lewis efficient runner and movement coach, certifited Yoga instructor

Understand your body , eliminate pain , move and run with ease’

4 hours workshop ,theorie analyses & walk and run practices

‘I am Rebecca, I am passionate about researching, analyzing and coaching efficient movement and running. Understanding how bodies move and WHY they might have restriction or pain. By assessing biomechanics and reflexive health, we can learn the root cause of your movement patterns, to help reawaken the body to occupy new space, lose restriction and find fluidity. For optimal, everyday movement, skilful, intelligent running and natural movement fitness.

Thursday 3 oct & friday 4 oct Making homemade Pasta

with Chef Cristina from Italy

Do you know how they make Ravioli ,Tagliatelle and Gnocchi? Now you can learn it yourself with these unique two workshop days with Italian Chef specialised in Homemade pasta and she makes incredible succi (sauces).
Cristine was born in a traditional Italian Family in the hills of Pesaro, an agriculture oasis, she grew up in an old farm house where she started to run with very Young age , the farm and cook in her mothers restaurant where they cook with the fresh local products and vegetables from their own garden. She makes her own olive oil and cakes , , jams, piadini, succi as well as wild meat and fish dishes prepared in a simple traditional way. 
Try her food and learn to more from her , you will understand why making Italian Pasta is a work of passion!
By the way Cristina Chef will prepare our Dinners.

Saturday 5 Oct Reiki Tummo workshop Level One

Reiki Tummo & Open Heart Meditation with Gerard Laracy

  • ( 8 hour workshop ) -Manuals,Certificates and recordings for home practices.
  • Gerard is a Master of Reiki Tummo, a certified Instructor of Natural Walking and a Bowen Technique Therapist based on Mallorca. These practices are designed to open, activate and develop the spiritual heart.
  • Reiki Tummo Level One will connect and open your heart better and connect you to unconditional Love for healing chakras and the physical body.
  • Reiki Tummo Level two will be in a January Winter Massage retreat 2020

What is Contact Yoga ?


‘CONTACT is a mixture with Japanese OKIDO YOGA Principals , KYO KA HO and MEISO SHIATSU Massage techniques.

“Contact” is designed by Kim. Overuse of modern technology by the young generation creates stiff bodies & solitude. With “Contact” we massage and use the whole body, we practice kata’s , pressure points, stretches and positions in Duo ,we also work in couples. Through offering (active) and receiving (passive) we learn more about body awareness and create a Mind-emptyness. It’s also extremely relaxing. “Contact” improves your sensitivity and gives you an oxytocin boost. Connecting with your inner-self and others iş very pleasurable.

Try ” Contact” ,the non-verbal body & soul language work-out.

Soulfood Good Food ~ Good Mood
Breakfast and vegeterian Brunches Lunches or picnics by Kim

How delicious healthy can be. Try Soulfood by Kim Shiny with Okido Yoga principles.

Accomodation We have space for Max 20 persons :

The First floor is reserved for our retreat group

ROOM 12- 4p           ROOM 11- 2p ( booked)     ROOM 10- 2p ( booked )

ROOM 9- 5p ROOM 8- 5p          ROOM 7- 6p lower external terrace

ROOM 4- 4p

Special request for just 2 persons per Room : supplement of 20€ per day per person

There are four more medium big rooms outside the building as Puig Maria is A Hostal. So other guests could be present that week.

Or reserve your participation with a day pass

Important to know and take with you: No luggage or trolleys

Bring night (hike ) light, sneakers, a warm jacket , many t-shirts. Your own Water bottle and Tea thermos.

The Monastery Puig Maria is on top of the 330m mountain and a 40 min hike.

  • There Rooms with shared beds for max of twenty people.
  • You share the room and sleep with max 5 other people together.
  • You share the (4 ) Showers and ( 3 ) toilets
  • There is a restaurant open for all public ,visitors and hikers, airbnb.
  • There is a Bar open till 22.00 h :Alcoholic drinks are not included
  • Flight ticket and car rentals & Airport transfer & bus tickets are not included

Cost and reservation Choose :

  • 1 FULL WEEK € 699,- p.p inclusive 8 nights or
  • 5 DAYS INCL ALL WORKSHOPS : € 599,- p.p inclusive 4 nights
  • Bookings : under this page
  • More to come : In january 2020 this Okido Yoga Retreat will offer the Reiki Tummo Workshop level 2 and a MASSAGE WEEKEND followed by LEARN MASSAGE TRAINING WEEK in Juni 2020 Summer with spectacular program ..
  • This fee inclusive all overnights, three meals per day: Light breakfast,brunch or lunch and diner ( protein ) , tea, water and all workshops.
  • Do you want a room only for two people?? Than you only need to pay a supplement of 20€ extra per night per person extra. Be fast.
  • Extra night arrival tuesday night Extra fee is €25,- p.p. inclusive breakfast
  • Sign up fort his retreat under this site.
  • Attention: your participation is confirmed after the payment.
  • Golden Rule: First to pay , first served. Be in quick to get the best rooms with stunning views.

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