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Healings on Distance

We live in extreme times and we do not know where future will bring us. Time to let go of the old and allow the new to come in. We all have to open ourselves for a different approach of life and make some adjustments in our way of thinking. We noticed in especially these times, that health is a very delicate issue. I would like to talk about the power of healing to energize your being and clear our block´s of the subconsciousness. I have experienced since many years that healings makes a big impact on our emotional and mental bodies. I am convinced that everybody needs healing sometimes in there lives. 

Reiki or healings on distance are very effective and you will be able to immediately feel the energy working on you. Sometimes it takes a while if the person is very mental or there is too much stress in the nervous system. But otherwise, quickly you will feel the benefit of the session because off the calmness and relaxation which you will notice. The energy transmission will work on all levels of your being because the energy itself knows where to go tand what to heal. The person who gives the Reiki/ Kundalini or Shamanic Healing, is a channel to pass this powerful universeel energy to others.

Healing on distance or becoming inciated in Reiki Kundalini can benefit on many levels and excellent to treat stress, burn-out´s, depression, insomnia, migraine, emotional blocks, fear,abuse, divorce, break-up and many more. I often recommend to do at least three sessions to make a transformation in your way of thinking and your life or just become yourself a channel for this easy way of healing by hands.

The change has to happen from inside if you want to change your reality in the Now.

Written by: Sharmila Chander, Reiki Kundalini Master


Reiki Kundalini cursus

Als het leven je uitdaagt met tegenslagen, daag jezelf dan uit om sterker te worden. Het loslaten van de controle maakt ruimte om wonderen in het leven toe te staan. Wat: Cursus Reiki Kundalini (zelfontplooiing, zelfgenezing vanuit de handen) Wanneer: data volgt. aanvang 10.00 tot 17.00 u I.v.m. Covid-19 wordt de cursus ook online gegeven op aanvraag (3 uren) Waar: Zoetermeer /…