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Retreat Sahajananda


In Western life we are no longer accustomed to following the voice of our heart. Our mind is shouting down the whispers of the heart by continuously responding. Reacting through judgements and expectations. During the retreat weekend programmed patterns become visible, which makes space to enable love again. With a little effort this becomes a spiritual experience that may deeply affects your whole being.

Enjoy a weekend away. Whether you’re young or (feeling) older. Having a full or just a blank calendar. Being an optimist or maybe some bleaker in life. If you are having your life on track or walking around with the feeling like something is missing. That feeling you’d like to enjoy life to the maximum, we all know it! A life less bussy, with more clearity, more awareness. Yoga, meditation & mindfulness are making this possible.

  • What: meditation, yoga, mindfulness, body awareness, and participation in ashram life.
  • When: 3rd of July ­ 5th of July
  • Where: Sada Shiva Dham Ashram in Loenen, province of Gelderland, the Netherlands
  • Participants: up to 25, mixed gender
  • Cost: Get a €25,­­– Early Bird discount before May 15th.!
    Retreat incl. extra workshop Sahajananda € 425,­­–
    Retreat excl. extra workshop € 375,­­–
  • Subscribing: please fill out the form below to book your spot.
  • Other: this weekend is a good preparation for the Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat organized in several parts of Europe, South/Central America & Asia, India journey to Himalaya organised by Bezielen several times a year, and to our mindfulness, meditation and yoga offer in Rotterdam, Alkmaar & Loenen the Netherlands.


weekend Veluwe
25 people, 2 teachers and Sahajananda

Experience meditation, yoga, mindfulness  integrated in one weekend meditation, yoga and mindfulness – it’s presumably as old as man itself and is practiced in various ways throughout the world. It is a form of mind training which learns us to experience the now with awareness: your thinking, sensory impressions, your physical feelings and emotions. There are many forms of meditation, with as many different techniques and rituals. In short, they are all aimed to attain and train a certain feeling or state of mind: this can be concentration, love, or compassion. Scientific research has proven that training awareness has many positive effects on the body, the mind and your state of mind.

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness as opening to present moment. How these three are integrated in the core, we are going to experience during this retreat weekend. A weekend in which we are journeying into the depth of our being ­ Hridaya ­ or known in many ancient traditions as the spiritual heart. We will explore the transformational power of the spiritual heart in our daily lives by opening up to the present moment.

Big Special: Sahajananda is teaching

Mario van den Bree, creator of Bezielen and advanced mindfulness & yoga teacher, is giving space for retreat at Sada Shiva Dham Ashram for over 8 years. Since 2014 Mario is accompanied by Esmeralda Ritstier. After living with Hridaya in Mexico, Esmeralda is passionately sharing the teachings of the spiritual heart, hridaya, through yoga & meditation in the Netherlands & Belgium. This reteat ­ 3 – ­5 July ­ we’ll have the rare opportunity to be led into the depths of our hearts by the great hridaya yoga & meditation master: ­ Sahajananda [Claudiu Trandafir]. He will be flying in all the way from Mexico to accompany us by his special presence and teachings. For this reason the retreat includes a full extra workshop day on Friday (optionally).

Sada Shiva Dham Ashram

The workshop retreat weekend takes place in Vedic Ashram, Sada Shiva Dham, in Loenen (Province of Gelderland, The Netherlands). This Vedic monastery was built in 1992 and is dedicated to Haidakhan Babaji, a teacher who appeared in 1970 in a cave in the North of India and until his death in 1984 he taught his most basic lesson of life: following the path of truth, simplicity and love.

Yogaweekend bij Sada shiva Dham Ashram
Sada shiva Dham Ashram

Sada Shiva Dham is located in the Veluwe region as a sanctuary of peace. The ashram is built on a large plot of land on the edge of a forest, with a beautiful garden for relaxing. Also a herb garden and a large vegetable garden are present, where you can help with planting and harvesting. The complex was expanded in recent years with a new larger temple, a large barn and some private shelters. Partly by the grateful help of karma yogi.


Location of this retreat weekend is Loenen, a village located on the Veluwezoom. There is plenty of nature present: put one step outside the ashram and you stand in a beautiful forest, where we will of course also go hiking. Definitely worth it is the waterfall that you will find in this forest, with 15 m the highest in the Netherlands. Another nearby point of interest is the steam locomotive, which runs between Apeldoorn and Dieren and also passes Loenen. This means you can even arrive by steam train! (look here for the schedule). Finally, the ashram is a stone’s throw from the sixteenth century castle Ter Horst, a stately building on the old road between Loenen and Apeldoorn.


Vrijenbergweg 60
7371 AB Loenen

In a wonderful foresty area with bus station on 8 minutes walking distance. Bus is departing from Apeldoorn CS every half an hour. You’ll get off the bus at stop: Leeuwenbergweg.


The daily program for this retreat is split into two parts:
Morning session (05:00-­13:00 h)
Afternoon / evening session (16:00-­22:00 h).

As you can see we wake up early, and for some of us this might be something to getting used to. But we will receive an extra moment of rest in the afternoon. This is an important part of the weekend. Having an afternoon nap after lunch, so you still can get 9 hours of sleep a day.

Friday A special full workshop day with Sahajananda…

09.30 h: Arrival & tea
10:00 h: Workshop
11:45 h: Tea
12:00 h: Workshop
13:00 h: Warm meal, Mindful eating with awareness
14:00 h: Rest (sleep)
16:00 h: Workshop
18.00 h: Supper (bread & soup)
20.00 h: Introduction
21.00 h: Teaching & meditation
22.00 h: Rest

Friday (time of arrival without workshop)
18.00 h: Arrival
19.00 h: Supper (bread & soup)
20.00 h: Introduction
21.00 h: Teaching & meditation
22.00 h: Rest

05:00 h: Waking up & herbal water
05:30 h: Pranayama – Awareness to breath and body
06.00 h: Morning meditation for the revelation of the spiritual heart – hridaya – in stillness (with Sahajananda)
06:30 h: Ceremonial fire meditation (havan), sensorial perception
07.30 h: Tea
08.00 h: Meditation chanting mantras in the great temple
09.00 h: Breakfast
10:00 h: Teaching
11.30 h: Karma Yoga (active meditation around the house & garden)
12.30 h: Forest walk for those who’d want to
13.00 h: Warm meal, mindful eating with awareness
14.00 h: Rest (sleep)
16.00 h: Hridaya Hatha Yoga
17.15 h: Meditation for the revelation of the spiritual heart – hridaya – in stillness
18.15 h: Tea
18.30 h: Teaching
19:30 h: Supper (Bread & soup)
20.00 h: Q&A
20:30 h: Teaching & meditation
22.00 h: Rest

05:00h: Waking up & herbal water
05:30h: Pranayama: awareness of breath & body
06.00 h: Meditation for the revelation of the spiritual heart – hridaya – in stilness (with Sahajananda)
06:30 h: Ceremonial fire meditation (havan), sensorial perception / or Hridaya Hatha Yoga
07.45 h: Tea
08.00 h: Meditation chanting mantra’s in the great temple
09.00 h: Breakfast
10.00 h: Teaching
11:30 h: Karma Yoga (active meditation around the house & garden)
12.30 h: Forest walk for those who’d want too
13.00 h: Warm meal, mindful eating with awareness
14.00 h: Rest (sleep)
15.00 h: Hridaya Hatha Yoga
16.15 h: Q&A and sharing insights
17.00 h: Rounding up, room clean up and departure


Sahajananda ­ Experienced Meditation Teacher…


Sahajananda [Claudiu Trandafir] is an experienced meditation teacher with over 25 years of experience in yoga, tantra and advaita vedanta. Through his spiritual practice, he has been blessed with a penetrating insight into the nature of being and existence. As such, he is sharing his experiential and direct spiritual knowledge via highly efficient methods, designed to allow us to transcend our daily existence and bring us closer to the nature of truth.

The revelation of the spiritual heart retreat is one of the most beloved ways to spend time delving into the mystery of one’s self, in silence, and in the depth of the spiritual heart where language and symbols become superfluous.

Sahajananda’s meditation, for years now, has been dedicated to the revelation of the spiritual heart through divine love and the opening of the soul. Sahajananda, an engineer in electronics by education, was formerly a professor at the University of Parapsychology in Bucharest, Romania.

He has been a yoga teacher for 25 years, specializing in solitary cave retreats, following the example of Ramana Maharshi and other jnana yoga masters. In 2001, after many solitary retreats, Sahajananda began to guide groups of people using this method. He has led this special retreat for thousands of participants across Europe over the last seven years, and has also started to lead retreat programs in Mexico and Thailand.

Click here for the Hridaya Yoga international website.

Click here for the Bezielen website and find more information on Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga & Reiki classes at Bezielen.

Esmeralda Ritstier ­ Passionate Hridaya Yoga & Meditation Teacher…

Esmeralda (Esmé) Ritstier
Esmeralda Ritstier

Esmeralda’s Journey­ of­ the ­­Heart started off in Mazunte, Mexico, where she stepped into her very first silent meditation retreat in the Hridaya Yoga & Meditation Center, with Sahajananda. From the very first moment, this experience had a great impact within her and nothing has ever been the same. Well, all is exactly the same, though the way she sees Life since then is suddenly completely different. This left her in such wonderment that she continued her journey with Hridaya for the rest of the year in which she joined a Karma Yoga programme, several silent retreats (10, 17 and 49 days), learned more about hridaya, yoga, and tantra. She ended her journey abroad in the Hridaya Hatha Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training Course. Now she is able to bring the beautiful message of the heart in her very compassionate heart touching way.

Esmeralda is teaching daily Hridaya Yoga & Meditation classes, montly courses, workshops & retreats at Bezielen in Rotterdam-­NL, and Belgium. She is sharing her experiences & events openheartedly on her personal Facebook & blog page OPENHEARTEDLY.


I. Retreat including extra workshop with Sahajananda
Regular € 425,– / Early Bird € 399,–

  • Including extra day workshop on Friday with Sahajananda
  • Arrival Friday 3 July 09:30h
  • Departure Sunday 5 July 18:00h

II. Retreat excluding extra workshop with Sahajananda
Regular € 375,– / Early Bird € 350,­­–

  • Excluding day workshop on Friday with Sahajananda
  • Arrival Friday 3 July 18:00h
  • Departure Sunday 5 July 18:00h

Additional Costs

  • Bed sheets & towel (optional): € 15,– (you may bring your own)
  • Extra night including breakfast (optional): € 35,–
  • Dinner after the retreat on Sunday 5 July: € 10,–.

Times & dates

  • Retreat from 3rd of July until 5th of July
  • Retreat starts Friday 3rd of July at 09:30 hrs.
  • Retreat ends Sunday 5th of July at 18:00 hrs
  • Without participation in workshop on Friday 3rd, arrival is on Friday 3th of July at 18:00h (max. 10 spots)

Retreat includes

  • 2 nights, 3 full days of practice
  • 2 day option possible (excluding extra workshop on Friday)
  • Daily discourses and lectures
  • Guided meditationns and techniques
  • Daily Q&A
  • Daily Hridaya Hatha Yoga
  • 3 meals a day (delicious, healthy vegetarian food)
  • Beautiful location in the forest at Ashram Sada Shiva Dham, at the Veluwe, Gelderland, The Netherlands Shared room

Terms & conditions

  • Please register for this weekend by filling out the below registration form. For every person who’s going to come, please fill out a seperate form individually. It’s important to complete all data per person.
  • You will receive an email notification as a confirmation of your reservation on the email address as specified in the registration form.
  • This amount includes accommodation, all vegetarian meals, coffee, tea and all workshops & teachings.
  • Extra night stay in advance or afterwards is possible, costs are € 35,­ per person including breakfast.
  • Signing up for this event can be done via the form below.
  • Please note that your registration is valid only when you have paid, so please take care of the paiment in time.
  • Paiments are non­refundable but transferable from person to person.
  • Leaving the retreat early will not result in a refund
  • Participants that are considered to be disturbing towards others may be expelled from the retreat. Depending on the seriousness of the disturbance no previous warning is required.
  • The retreat leaders have final say if a participant is allowed to stay or not. When expelled, no refund is given.

Registration Meditation ­ – Yoga – ­ Mindfulness Retreat Sahajananda

By filling out the booking form below, you reserve a place during the Meditation – Yoga – Mindfulness Retreat July 2nd – July 5th. We kindly ask you to fill out a separate booking form for every individual. This is needed in order to complete all data per person. After your submission is received you will receive a confirmation of the notification in return. Please check carefully if all data are correctly. After receipt of the payment the booking is final and you’ll be put on the list of participants. Bookings made before May 15th 2015 will receive an Early Bird discount of € 25,-. This is calculated by ticking the Early Bird discount on the booking form. If you are not taking part in the workshop on Friday 3 July, tick it up, and the amount of the workshop will be deducted from the total amount. Would you like to include any extra’s in your booking such as bed sheets/towel, meal on Sunday or an extra night on Sunday, you’ll book this through ticking up these extra’s on the booking form.

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